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Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I’ve been hacked. Or rather, my computer was hacked; apparently by another vampire, which is infuriating. At least, I must presume it is another vampire. I found this message on the screen when I turned on my laptop this evening:
Do not do this thing. Do not continue to write in this way. Writing something does not make it so. This is a warning. Stop now. Or you will be stopped. Others will be notified if you persist.
I am not certain how this is done, nor do I care to discover the mechanics. This is my answer:
Leave me alone, fool. You know that your threats are meaningless. Bring it on, as the saying goes. Do not think that you can stop me or harm me or make me falter in any way. You do not want to be part of my story. I promise you that.
I am the most powerful among us.
I hope you read this and consider it carefully. My writing is an exercise in amusing myself. Go away. Stop hacking me. Stop bothering me. You have nothing to gain and everything to lose. Did it occur to you that I might in fact be clearing my own head? Did you stop and think before insulting me with your attack on my privacy?
Your threats are meaningless. You do not frighten me. If you continue along this path, I will figure out who you are and I will come after you. Now you have been warned.
“Others will be notified if I persist” Oh really?
Well, here I am persisting. There is nothing you can do about it. Nothing. If you and any others dare come to me in person, I shall wreak such public havoc that the entire planet will be forced to take note of our existence. I welcome the battle. I welcome the chaos.